Investment Club:

Each investment club:

● Is composed of 5 to 7 members
● Starts with a virtual allocation of €100,000 available on the "My Club" page in the "Portfolio" section.
● Decides its investment strategy collectively, decisions being taken by majority and orders being placed by a member, the president.
● Only the president can delete an order that has been voted within the time limit of its non-execution.
● An individual profile can only participate in one investment club.

Diversification Rules
The club is based on the prudential rule of 5/10/40 that applies to management companies:
● no more than 10% in any one security,
● and the sum of securities at more than 5% must not exceed 40%.
● This rule results in a minimum number of 16 securities in the portfolio".

The evaluation of the performance is made on the basis of criteria:
● Gross VFP performance
● Risk-adjusted performance = Sharpe ratio
● Diversification of the PFV - lines
● Diversification of the PFV - sectors
● Diversification ratio
● Quiz
● Use of information sources via the platform's functionalities : consult, share, post, comment, pin, network...
● Investment Strategy
● Teamwork
● Communication
● Marketing