Reminder of the Next Challenge rules:

Each challenger has the option of taking part as a team in the competition in addition to or instead of their participation as an individual investor. Team members then form Clubs and compete as members of their Club.

The Club's official representative - referred to as "the President" - is by default the individual profile that has received a minimum of 4 positive answers to join its club.

A club joins the competition only when it reaches a total of 5 members, including the President.

It is no longer possible to recruit new members once the number of 7 members has been reached.

A member may quit a club at any time : but if the club drops under 5 members the club has 7 days to recruit new members otherwise the club is automatically excluded from the competition.

An individual profile can only be a member of a single Club and cannot allocate funds to its own Club.

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Club compostion

● 5 members minimum / 7 members maximum
● Each Club starts with a virtual allocation of €200,000
● Decides its investment strategy collectively, : decisions being taken by majority
● Orders must be execute by validation by only  the President.
● Only the president can delete an order that has been voted within the time limit of  its non-execution.

Diversification Rules

The club is based on the prudential rule of 5/10/40 that applies to management companies:
● ""No more than 10% in any one security,
● And the sum of securities at more than 5% must not exceed 40%.
● This rule results in a minimum number of 16 securities in the portfolio"..

The evaluation of the performance is made on the basis of criteria:

● Gross VFP performance
● Risk-adjusted performance = Sharpe ratio
● Diversification of the PFV - lines
● Diversification of the PFV - sectors
● Diversification ratio
● Use of information sources: consult, share, post, comment...
● Use of the Dashboard: vote, pin, share, download...
● Networking: private chat, public chat, follow-up Club/Individual profiles...
● Teamwork: fair sharing of tasks between club members in club projects.
● Marketing and communication: videos, presentations, logos, pitches ..
● Coherent execution of investment strategy and policy
● Quiz