Each of you has a background in finance or asset management. Have you been well trained to compete in this challenge?

Our Master's in Asset Management is a work-study programme. All the members of this group do their work-study in the most prestigious management companies in Paris. This challenge has allowed us to put into practice the elements we learn in class and during our apprenticeship.

Every month you have been on the podium. What has driven you to achieve this performance?

Our presence on the podium at each ranking is due to our activity on the platform. We have taken care to inform our investors on a weekly basis about: economic news, news about the companies in which we are invested, as well as the various strategic operations carried out on the fund.

Many of your videos and pitches have won over the jury. What was your experience like?

It was an enriching experience because it developed our creativity. In addition, each video raised a fear of our investors on a different topic which allowed us to deepen them.

You hold a very diversified portfolio (about 40 lines). How did you build your portfolio and monitor it?

To build our portfolio, we combined a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach. The lines were then monitored on a weekly basis during our management meetings. We set up a tool that allowed us to monitor the different aspects of our portfolio (sector allocation, geographical allocation, ESG rating of the portfolio, etc.),

Which are the most exciting moments you have experienced? What are your top and least successful moments?

We really enjoyed the pitches to the jury. To our knowledge, this is the only competition that includes the possibility of raising funds from investors. We found this to be a very formative and rewarding element.
In terms of flops, we did not understand the scoring. A very large part of the points were awarded to elements external to "management". Moreover, we were surprised that winning presentations (pitch/video) was not taken into account in the ranking.

Your Club won the second place in the general ranking of the first edition of the Dauphine Next Challenge: how do you summarize this achievement?

We have only positive memories of this challenge which put us in the real conditions of an investment fund. It was a very formative experience for us because the members of this club aim to work in the field of asset management and this challenge offered us total immersion.



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