Individual Investor

● Each individual investor starts with a virtual allocation of €50,000.
● Whether or not they are members of an investment club, individual profiles can participate as individual investors in the challenge.. . . .

● Each individual profile has the possibility to entrust the management of all or part of its virtual allocation to one or more investment clubs of its choice, except for the club to which it belongs.. . 

* He can also compete without using his/her individual profile. He/her compete then as a club member only.

Diversification rules :

We do recommend the following diversification guidelines:
● Have at least 15 values
● Split in, at least, four different activity sectors
● No more than 10% of the portfolio on a value

Individual investors are judged and ranked according to various quantitative and qualitative criteria:

● Gross PFV performance
● Risk-adjusted performance - Sharpe ratio
● Diversification of PFV - Line
● Diversification of PFV - Sector
● Diversification ratio
● Use of information sources: consult, share, post, comment etc. ...
● Use of the Dashboard :pin, share, download...
● Networking : public chat, private chat, follow-up club/individual profiles...
● Quiz

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